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A Senior POV: Look Up!

Based on what we heard last year, we incorporated several ideas into our wellness resolutions for 2024 — accessible, natural notions that are sure to make us much better people.

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A Senior POV: Aging, The Global Phenomenon.

Might as well feel good about aging. Everybody’s doing it. They always have. And we have thoughts about this.

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A Senior POV: Everybody needs a hug.

Our plan is to finish out our years aspiring to meaningfulness and purpose. We know we’re not alone in this ambition, but, unfortunately, we also know some who age with regret. We have thoughts on that (we’re against it) to share.

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A Senior POV: Hello out there.

Cultural icons define each age. As we get older, and some of them pass, contemplating on memories of them often defines our aging. Here’s how we’ve been thinking about those we’ve lost recently.

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Why Rally?

I got an education in senior living I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else during my 16 years at GlynnDevins, and I’m grateful. When I left, it was hard to imagine working in any other industry and finding as much challenge and reward. I hadn’t grown bored of senior living, and I knew I wasn’t finished with it. In fact, I loved it as much as ever.

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