Already watched Baby Reindeer? Lost in a show hole?  Allow our very own Katie Pall to introduce you to the self-proclaimed “America’s largest classroom,” PBS.  She turns it on to fall asleep, but often gets sucked in and ends up losing sleep. 

Here are three senior living-related watches from her viewing history that earned two thumbs up.  


Following a stage IV cancer diagnosis, Sister Úna makes sure to keep living as she’s dying. The episode follows this untraditional Catholic nun through the last 9 months of her life as she plans her funeral with friends and family.

Sister Úna offers a thought-provoking perspective on how we can acknowledge and talk about death with seniors along with the resulting grief of those left behind. Prepare to laugh but keep those Kleenex close for the inevitable ending (albeit a happy one). 


Watch the full episode here with PBS Passport.


2. CHILDREN OF WWII – We'll Meet Again 

In her return to TV, Ann Curry meets two seniors who hope to reconnect with influential people from their pasts. First is Reiko Nagumo, a Japanese-American woman who was moved to a Wyoming WWII internment camp as a child. She’s searching for a grade school friend who showed her kindness. Next is Peter Engler, who found himself living in a Jewish ghetto for refugees in Shanghai, China. He’s searching for the daughter of a couple who helped look after him during his time there.

The urgency with which Reiko and Peter search for their long-lost friends and their strong desire to reconnect while they still can sheds light on the intense feelings seniors may experience in their later years. It also reaffirmed that powerful connections truly can – and do - stand the test of time. (Again, keep those Kleenex close just in case, but they *likely* won’t be needed.)


Watch the episode here with PBS Passport.


3. JAMES & ISEY – Pacific Heartbeat 

A mother and son living in New Zealand agree to have their friend document their week as they prepare for Isey's 100th birthday. Beyond seeing how another culture approaches aging, this glimpse into caregiving provides an experience we shouldn’t forget to consider – one of genuine enjoyment and gratitude for the time spent with loved ones. And it proves that no matter where you live, there ain’t no party like a 100th birthday party! (Ditch the Kleenex for very small sips from a very small pour of Jim Beam, just like Isey!)


Watch the free episode here.

P.S. - Have show suggestions? Send our way and we’ll make like Ebert & Roeper used to in an upcoming post!