Tailored Digital Solution

Custom web tool brings 81 sales qualified leads and 26 marketing qualified leads in 2 months

Cedarhurst Senior Living wanted to provide an online cost calculator tailored to the Assisted Living and Memory Care space.

Rally designed a one-of-a-kind calculator that Cedarhurst's digital partner was able to build. The tool allows users to uncover if it’s more costly to stay at home with assistance compared to moving to a senior living community with assistance built in. In less than four minutes, by answering 8 questions customized to a person’s care needs, Cedarhurst’s calculator reveals two daily rates. The daily rate comparison is easier for someone considering Assisted Living or Memory Care to accept and compare than a monthly rate. Because of this tool, ideally more people will consider moving rather than self-selecting out due to price.

By providing ungated content that delivers value, Cedarhurst enhanced the customer experience, increased user engagement, improved time on site and increased qualified lead volume.

Click here to view the calculator.

Cedarhurst TRUECost Calculator Image

Small Inventory Demand Solution

Event strategy results in 15 new wait list members for smallest inventory

Capitol Lakes, a Madison-based Life Plan community managed by PRS, had high independent living occupancy and a strong and large wait list with only one exception. There were only a few people on the wait list for the smallest inventory. The sales director asked Rally to help her generate 15 wait list members for the smallest apartments by the end of the year. She was a little skeptical it could be done, but we all set to work. 

First, Rally curated a list of single seniors in the market with enough wealth to afford the smallest inventory, but not so much wealth they'd prefer to wait for larger apartments. This new group was integrated into the regular event mailings, and the Sales Director and Rally designed several on-site events specifically targeting this new group to show how easy it is to fit in and make friends at Capitol Lakes (this has the added-benefit of being true!). The creative team embraced the challenge with friendly, approachable direct mail invitations that filled events like "trivia plus pub food" and open house events where single residents showed off their apartment homes and showed the new leads what they were missing by staying at home. The sales director and her community did the rest, and halfway through the year, the goal was met.


Earned Media Solution

Resident love story airs 6 times in the 34th largest media market, generating $550,000 in publicity value

L-O-V-E really is worth more than 7 points. All it took was a happy hour Scrabble game for two residents at The Ridge Foothill in Salt Lake City, Utah to fall in love. When a family member joked that their second-chance-at-love story and upcoming wedding could make the news, we took it literally (of course!) and collaborated with the families, our public relations partner, his established relationships with the media and The Ridge’s videographer to devise a plan to spread the memorable story.

After our carefully-crafted pitch garnered interest from a reporter at ABC4, we arranged a pre-wedding interview over a game of Scrabble with the reporter to ensure the final story would include shots of everyday life at The Ridge. With the additional challenge of the ceremony falling on Labor Day weekend - meaning a skeleton news staff combined with the usual newsworthy items and events demanding coverage on the popular holiday, we worked to schedule interviews to the television station's availability and confirmed with The Ridge's videographer that footage from the wedding would make the final cut. In the end, both video journalists attended the ceremony and both professionals' video contributed to the excellence of the broadcasted story.

The resulting story aired 6 times the following week, was picked up by Yahoo! News (estimated audience of 13.9 million) and The Ridge’s corresponding Facebook post garnered the most reach (6,502), most reactions (598) and most comments (62) of any other post to date. 

Watch the story here.

The Ridge