Candice Yagmin

Owner & Chief Strategy Officer

With nearly two decades of account management and executive leadership in senior living marketing, her storied career is highlighted with success after success for hundreds of senior living communities and systems. 

2020: Founded Rally, combining her passion for client satisfaction, work-life balance and senior living. 
2003: Entered the senior living industry. Over the course of 17 years, she worked with more than 25 successful senior living developments or expansions, various systems small and large, non-profits and for-profits, Life Plan communities, assisted living and memory support communities, hospice, and home health.
1995: Her beginning in advertising account management was in hospitality-focused agencies. 


Rallies around: Always do the right thing. Karma’s real. 
Rallies with: An excellent storm with lightning. 
Rallies for: Her sons. 

Candice Yagmin

Megan Estes

Director, Strategy

From increasing account management responsibilities to an advanced brand strategy role, she’s established herself as the go-to partner for discovery, analysis and brand-building for individual senior living communities and systems.  

2020: Joined Rally, binding her passion for brand strategy with the satisfaction she finds in serving clients she knows inside-out.
2012: Entered the senior living industry and thoroughly familiarized herself with her clients – what got them excited, what kept them awake nights, and what made them feel like rock stars – so she could help them reach their goals.

Rallies around: Making clients’ goals her own.
Rallies with: Travel stickers and fantasy football.
Rallies for: Daughter born in 2019.

Megan Estes

Lauren Christgen

Director, Strategy

After well-burnished success in senior living account management, she’s now sought after for her savvy guidance in marketing blue sky, expansions and systems. 

2022: Joined Rally, bringing her savvy to problem-solving, her analytical eye to marketing plans-making, and her determination to clients’ success.
2019: Broadened her expertise as an account director in pharma marketing. 
2012: Got her start with the senior living industry, steadily perfecting her art of client service through day-in/day-out perseverance, meeting challenges, growing relationships and learning to think like a strategy-driven savant.

Rallies around: It's a good day to have a good day.
Rallies with: Peonies, John Mayer and queso. 
Rallies for: Son born in 2021.


Katie Pall

Director, Client Success

Katie’s special combination of versatility, discipline and ingenuity gives those she serves a distinct advantage – as proven through the growing list of her senior living sales and marketing successes.

2022: Hopped on board with Rally to set up clients for win upon win. 
2021: Went boots (actually, sensible pumps) on the ground as sales director for two new independent living rental communities where she watched and worked the buyers journey from the inside.
2019: Expanded into luxury hospitality – plus a little senior living, too – and led operations, sales and reservations training and culture programs across the country.  
2015: Commenced her senior living experience in new business, coordinating a giant agency’s self-marketing efforts and learning how the senior living field operates.

Rallies around: The universe knows what it's doing. Just listen. 
Rallies with: Pickwick & Co. candles and Bravo TV.
Rallies for: All things good. 

Katie Final-1

Lauren Bridges

Director, Strategy

The reliable one, the first pick, the task manager. Her senior living clients have always relied on her smooth and ever unflappable dedication to getting every detail right.  

2022: Joined Rally – like a return to center – and brought her thoughtfulness, sharp insight and grit to ensuring clients’ success.  
2021: Mastered the being-a-mom thing, ensuring dauntlessness for the rest of her life. 
2020: Rolled her skillset into the building materials industry, refining and broadening her perspective (“Concrete is complicated”). 
2015: Entered the senior living marketing field, supporting the agency’s second largest account and perfecting her client service talents. 

Rallies around: Hard work, problem-solving and the power of just being nice.  
Rallies with: Blueberry waffles in the morning and a Dove dark with sea salt and caramel once daily. 
Rallies for: Daughter born in 2020. 


Charles Harris

Head Creative

He’s on the short list of copywriters whose careers are solely dedicated to senior living marketing. For years, he’s inspired creative teams to branding and lead generation success — off- and online benefiting dozens of communities and major systems.  

2022: Joined Rally to join the cause of innovative marketing for an innovating industry.  
2007-22: Advanced from novice to senior living expert, writing for everything — deep concept to fast-turn production — that generates and nurtures leads. Learned that some of the best lines come from residents (“You can grow here,” “It’s what this place does to your heart”), and that older adults still laugh. 
2003-07: For an inhouse creative department and two ad agencies, wrote development, spirituality, telecom and financial services copy. 
2001-02: Studied copywriting at Atlanta’s Portfolio Center. 

Rallies around: Stick to strategy and remain calm. 
Rallies with: John Prine and a splash of cold-filtered coffee in sparkling water. 
Rallies for: 1.) a global return to empathy; and 2.) advertising copy that doesn’t sound like advertising. 


Dana Compagnone

Director, Strategy

After more than two decades working with individual senior living communities and systems, Dana's a legend. Tough on data, kind to strangers, and beloved by so many friends and colleagues, she's who you want when you need fog cleared, details dug out, direction set, ducks row-bound, a deep breath, and strategy aligned.  

2023: Joined Rally to neatly integrate her love of life, senior living and meaningful work.
2001: Began in account management, where her analytical and organizational skills quickly distinguished her. She learned, grew and soon came to mentor others in the Dana-Way.

Rallies around: Let's be good to each other and make this world better.
Rallies with: The Royals, cold sea air and her killer lasagna. 
Rallies for: Her talented, destined-for-greatness twins. 

Dana Headshot

We believe in helping senior living clients get a better marketing ROI.

In the senior living industry, it’s not easy to know exactly how much of your budget should go to different kinds of marketing, from new lead generation, sales, email, and more. We have the expertise and the bird’s-eye view to help marketing teams make the most of their budgets. 

Maximize Budgets _ Results

We believe customized marketing solutions solve problems more effectively.

Moving to a senior living community is a highly complex and emotional decision. People are looking for authentic interactions and information, not canned content that looks like everything else. We believe customized creative content inspires and investing in it is the best way to sell. 

Build Expertise

We believe marketing should be fun to work on for both of us. 

We want you to look forward to talking with Rally. Our enthusiasm and optimism are just part of how we do business, and we have a client-first approach. There’s no challenge too tough, and nothing makes us happier than solving your problems to open the way for success. 

Roll Back Your Stress