At Rally, we look for innovations that can take our clients’ marketing to the next level. Here are four strategies we’ve tried, that we’d recommend you try.

  1. Hand-addressed envelopes (truly hand-addressed) get opened more than laser-addressed envelopes. High open rates are a huge contributor to how successful your direct mail will be. We recommend asking your mail house if they can provide this service and trying it with a targeted mailing to your lead base.
  2. It’s a rare adult child who will tour an assisted living or memory care community just to receive a giveaway of any nominal amount. The reason to offer them something in exchange for the tour, such as a helpful book, gift basket or a $25 gift card, is to give them psychological cover for the guilt they feel about starting to shop for your service at all.
  3. Yes, you can offer a satisfaction guarantee. We all know that people do NOT like to move. None of us like to move. So, the risk is very low, and it shows the consumer you are confident they will be satisfied. All things being equal, they’ll choose the community with the satisfaction guarantee. Communities daring enough to offer it, reap the benefits.
  4. Use direct mail to offer leads a free overnight or weekend stay. Commonly used to advance the sale 1:1, try offering this to a larger portion of your active leads. It’s a great way to unearth those leads who are further along in their buyer journey than they’ve shared.

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