I got an education in senior living I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else during my 16 years at GlynnDevins, and I’m grateful. When I left, it was hard to imagine working in any other industry and finding as much challenge and reward. I hadn’t grown bored of senior living, and I knew I wasn’t finished with it. In fact, I loved it as much as ever.

For a while now I’ve noticed senior living clients growing more open to new choices for their advertising and marketing needs. Yet, it’s time-consuming to switch agency partners, and difficult to know if your current providers are doing as well as they can with the budget you’ve provided them. But there can be real performance benefits to exploring your options, as our first two client systems can attest.

The reluctance to consider other options often boils down to a few things:

  • The exploration process takes a lot of time and energy – agencies have a love/hate relationship with RFPs, and clients do too.
  • Predicting future performance and making a choice can be daunting when you don’t have a strong sense of what a firm needs to have in place to be successful. What if you go through the time-consuming process and make the wrong choice?
  • You already run thin, so why mess with it? How on earth could you find time to manage multiple providers?
  • You like the people you work with (agency people are some of the best people to be around – let’s face it) and you don’t have the heart to make a change.

This is where Rally comes in. We take care of all that stuff for our clients. And we’re very big on being client-friendly. So, flexibility, honesty, service, and fun are all part of the experience when you decide you’d like some help rallying your team.

As for me, I have a newfound freedom I have no desire to give up. Making my own decisions and having only myself to impress allows me to decide how to prioritize life. I’ve found it leads to more exercise, fresh air and good times. This is how I Rally, and I recommend it.


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